Shakedown Speak #5: 1975-1978


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Grateful Dead fans Drew Hamilton and Mike Widmer are finally back to review the albums Blues for Allah, Terrapin Station, and Shakedown Street from the time period 1975-1978. Wid Kid brings the history. Hammy brings the humor…in an effort to cover up his inability to correctly pronounce King Solomon’s (13:28), climactic scene (43:48), and Italy (43:52).

Show Highlights (or Lowlights depending on your viewpoint):

36:40-37:22 Think Wid Kid prefers his Samson and Delilah live?
43:25-44:00 Talk much, Hammy?
52:35-53:10 Hammy sings France‘s praises. Or does he?

Next episode? Keith and Donna’s exit from the band. Brent Mydland’s entrance. A review of Go To Heaven. And we finally usher in the 80’s.

Hop on the bus for this long, strange trip through another time’s forgotten space…on Shakedown Speak!

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