The Golf Bros #1: Shady Oaks with Curt Sampson and Ryan Sawyer


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The Golf Bros (Drew Hamilton and David Deering) make their debut at Shady Oaks Country Club in Forth Worth, Texas with NY Times Bestselling Author Curt Sampson and PXG’s Ryan Sawyer.

Sit back and enjoy the comedic banter between these four, as they talk about The Masters, Curt’s books, the secret sauce behind PXG, and Deering’s inept putting. The Golf Bros…Your Source for Every Course!

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For more information about Curt Sampson and his books, stop by
To get the skinny on PXG golf clubs, visit
To feast your eyes on a beautiful course, direct your browser to Shady Oaks Country Club.
Music by The Golf Boys. Head on over to iTunes to download both of their smash hits.

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