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Content Warning: Reproductive Body Fluids In this AU, the crew of the Rolltergeists are busy managing coffee shop instead of ghostly apparitions.

Thanks to @KeylligraphyInk for the logo design. The track used in this episode is Cheap Cafe by Dee Yan-Key and it is used with the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0). It was edited for time.

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Cast and Crew GM: Eric Taron: Mads Cadence: Rat Poppy: Lav Tyler: Bees Lamp: Lark About Us:

Dice Fiends is an actual play podcast featuring a wonderful cast of chuckle-friends. Our story is similar to many: in an attempt to have fun one late Saturday evening, 6 strangers came together for a one-shot, but had so much fun that we extended that one-shot into a two-shot... and then a three-shot... and then we turned it into a whole campaign!

Since then, we've expanded beyond Dungeons and Dragons and to other games systems for one shots such as Hardwired Island or Shadowrun Anarchy and we hope to branch out ever further. But one thing's for sure, whether we're diving into dungeons or trying not to get geeked on the mean streets of Seattle: we're fiends for the sound of rolling dice.

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