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Say hello to my lovely guest and new friend, Andre Matthews: creator and host of 'Bruh Issa Murder.' We get to the meaning and story behind that title straight out the gate, but essentially, it's a statement of the obvious that so many of us have experienced while watching a story about a possible accident or maybe a murder... bruh, issa murder.

Andre shares how he's a voracious true crime consumer, but failed to see the cases and stories featuring of people of color and LGBTQ folks. He set out to shine a light on these cases, with some dumb crimes and creepy pasta thrown in for good measure. Andres also shares a victim's story AND a murder case that I have NEVER heard of that made me wanting to know more. I know you will find Andre to be as amazing as I did, and you should check out his show if you haven't already. In addition to stories around lesser known cases, you will also hear current event break downs, and be introduced to new music artists. Catch his show here or wherever you listen to podcasts! He is on social as well: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Andre is also on GetVokl on TRUE CRIME THURSDAYS! I am too. Come join our livestreams: I am on at 7pm EST, and Andre is on at 10pm EST.

A note about our conversation: I misspoke and said The Trans Doe Project, but I was actually referring the Trans Doe Task Force- check out the work they do.

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