BONUS RE-release of Episode 4 w/ Kevin Balfe | Creator of CrimeCon


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Since many of us planned to be at CrimeCon today (sniff sniff), I thought it would be fun to re-release my FOURTH episode with CrimeCon creator, Kevin Balfe. It's pretty to cool hear how his crazy idea turned into the iconic event so many of us know and love - and look forward to! SEE YOU ON HALLOWEEN in Orlando, friends! ( Use code DIEALOGUE20 for 10% off your pass!)


The man behind CrimeCon is our guest today! Kevin Balfe was so gracious and fun and smart - I really enjoyed talking with him. He is a true crime loving entrepreneur which is probably why I like him so much. In addition to digging deep into our love for the true crime genre, I also got some great intel on the year ahead for CrimeCon, including a little breaking news event announcement for later this year!
If you haven't been to CrimeCon, this is an amazing opportunity to learn more about the spirit behind the event and how it's changing and growing. If you are already a CrimeCon aficionado, you'll love the behind the scenes dirt!

Learn more about what CrimeCon has going on this fall and into next year -

We talk a lot about CrowdSolve Seattle - which is fast approaching. Here is a link to that event which is coming up quick!

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Thank you to Kevin for letting us record in your office studio!

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