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This episode is one of my favorites to date, and I did not see that coming!
I absolutely loved talking to Elie Honig. Elie is currently private counsel at a law firm, but he spent 14 years as federal and NJ state Prosecutor in Organized crime. He is responsible for taking down big names in the Italian mafia of NYC and NJ. His stories are better than the movies ( which I confess, I haven't seen) and he's telling them all in his new podcast, UP AGAINST THE MOB. Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/show/2a5TRZy1PqfjDpbOrvMNgx
I love this podcast and I can't help but see parallels between it and DIE-ALOGUE. Listen and learn why. Elie is also a Senior legal analyst at CNN. We bonded over our Jersey roots and love of Italian food. We cover the code of ethics and conduct within the mafia, our cultural obsession with the mob, and I am most proud that I got him to agree (slightly reluctantly), that Mob bosses are akin to cult leaders!
This conversation surprised and delighted me - would love to hear what you think!
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