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It was an honor to interview today's guest, Jeff Deskovic. He is many things - an advocate, a lawyer, a business owner, a free man, but for 16 years, he was an inmate at a maximum security mens prison. His story is harrowing and humanizes the topic of wrongful convictions. I am astounded at his resilience and blown away by his desire to help other people who find themselves serving unjust sentences. The fact that he made his way through law school and established a foundation is even more impressive when you learn he was convicted at just 16 years old.
Jeff is am extraordinary person doing important work. Please explore the links below and consider ways you can help Jeff in his mission, even if it's only through sharing among your network. Brace yourself for Part 1 of Jeff's story. Part 2 comes out next week, make sure you are subscribed so you don't miss it.
Jeff Deskovic Foundation
It Could Happen To You
The Innocence Project
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