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Welcome to the November series: TRUE CRIME PODCASTERS! I mean, this is what we are all about, my friends! Thrilled to kick it off with the talented writer, reporter, producer and podcast, Josh Dean. You might know him from his long form journalism days, his first podcast, The Clearing ( which we discuss at length!), or his current podcast, CHAMELEON: Hollywood Con Queen. Josh shares how the story came to be, and teases us with with what sounds to be a satisfying ending. This podcast is a white collar/scam whodunnit and I am loving it! At the time of recording, we were at Episode 3, but Episode 6 came out this week, so go binge if you haven't listened yet. Subscribe and Listen!

In addition to these shows, we discuss future projects that his new production company, Campside Media, will be putting out in the coming months. Hint: a lot of really exciting shows.

We also discuss a long-form article he wrote about Elisa Lam which of all the related content on her story, this piece really stood out. You can read it here:

Thank you for killing the small talk, Josh!

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