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Karen Smith is a forensic investigator who is parlaying her years of experience into a new podcast - presented by CrimeCon - called Shattered Souls: a Forensic Detective's Diary. The podcast premieres May 9, so stay tuned and be sure to listen!
For now, you can listen to episode 41 of DIE-ALOGUE and hear Karen share how she came to be a crime scene investigator (you might be surprised), and how her work has shaped who she is. Her expertise has been called upon to consult for civil and criminal cases, and by the likes of CNN, HLN, among others. I just had to ask about working with a certain Ms. Nancy Grace, and her answer satisfied. I admitted I get nervous for the experts she has call into her show, but Karen assured me I needn't worry. Karen of course has a lot to say about true crime, but it's victims and justice that she cares the most about.

Karen is also quite the creative which I was energized by. I hope you leave the episode as encouraged as I did!

Be sure to keep up with Karen!

Twitter: @KarenForensic

Bare Bones Forensic Consulting

I am grateful to Karen for killing the small talk!


Maybe you want to watch a true crime parody I made? me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAdTBMKIamM

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