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So excited today's conversation with you. I was a *little* intimidated to interview these guys ( did you SEE their pictures? Check out my instagram: @diealoguepod), but I had little reason to fear. Kevin + Lou are warm, kind, and most impressive, candid about their stories - personally and professionally. This is one of the traits I admire most in people and appreciate most in a guest!

Yes, you will hear about their FASCINATING careers - how they started and what a "typical" day looked like as undercover ATF agent (Kevin), and a homicide detective (Lou), but you will also hear about their struggles and how they sought help and now help others who have experienced trauma in their work.

Please check out their podcast - they are talking to some really interesting people and they often tackle issues of mental health in law enforcement.

Here is Kevin's book about his story as a Savannah Homicide Detective.

Lou's book coming soon, and so much more - these guys are ones to watch. Keep up with them on social media: @endofwatchpodcast


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