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Did I just interview the nicest women in true crime? Possibly, but don't discount nice because these two have one of the most successful true crime podcasts out there, and you are going to hear all about how they started it (spontaneously!) and how they keep it going after nearly three years ( divide and conquer!).

My guests today, Melissa and Mandy, were a ton of fun to interview and their dynamic is everything I hoped it would be. We get candid about why we like true crime, what we don't like so much about true crime, and who they would like to have as a guest on their show... or WOULD THEY? ( dateline style)

Also, one of them is an enneagram 6 and one is a 7 -any guesses?

Happy Almost Mother's Day to anyone celebrating, enjoy these OG ( not old) true crime mamas.

You can keep up with Moms and Murder on their website, and on social: @momsandmurder


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