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If you are FOR changing what police work in the Unites States looks like, and want to bring equality to our system, but ALSO want to remain supportive of law enforcement, Matthew Horace has ideas. He lays out the ways and reasons all of this is not only possible, but necessary. I can't think of a better interview to close out Season 1 - yes, DIE-ALOGUE is taking a brief hiatus to prepare for a new Season in September, more on that below! First, you need to listen to my conversation with Matthew in which we discuss police reform, BLM, defunding the police, Ferguson, the murders of George Floyd and Rashard Brooks, and more. Then you must go get his book so you can learn even more about law enforcement in our country, from a man who lived it for 30 years, AND his dozens of interview subjects - men and women in blue - all over the country, who also serve and protect.

His book is wonderful and combines his own story about becoming a cop, the racism he experienced in and outside of the department, and interviews with other officers and agencies who share their stories as well. Understanding policing history is critical as we look to make changes for the future. You can find his book here. Learn more about Matthew here. And follow him on social media: FB Instagram Twitter

Note: Putting a link to The Breathe Bill which was just proposed at the time of our interview and is further along now. You can learn about it here.

I ( Rebekah) want to say THANK YOU FOR LISTENING. I've put out new episodes 56 weeks in a row and it has been incredible. I am so grateful to you the listeners, and my incredible guests. But Mama needs a break to prepare for Season 2. I will be re-releasing some oldie but goodie episodes that you may have missed while I am gone! If you have ideas for guests for Season 2, message me on FB, IG, or Twitter, or email me: See you in Sept! This isn't goodbye, it's ta ta for now - follow me on social to keep in touch!

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