Re-Release Episode 15 with Steve Hodel | Retired LAPD Homicide Detective + Author, Black Dahlia Avenger


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In light of the recent press mention in THRIVE GLOBAL, I thought I would re-play the episode that. made their list of "Unbelievable True Stories" because that's just what this one is... IF you CHOOSE to believe him. I have gotten some push back on this one, but I stand by the interview, the conversation and the wonderful Steve Hodel, who was gracious enough to share his story.

I will see you next week, Sept. 9 with an ALL NEW episode as we kick off Season 2!


Episode 15 is a crazy story, and I really want your feedback on this one. I speak with Steve Hodel - retired LAPD homicide detective, author of 5 books, including the Black Dahlia Avengers series, and the son of George Hodel - who Steve believes is the BLACK DHALIA KILLER.

I won't say too much more, but his story is a wild one, and I appreciate Steve taking the time to share so much of it with me. If you want to read his books, his blog, or learn more about him, see below for places you can find Steve and his work. Also, here is a link to the ROOT OF EVIL podcast that we reference.

Steve Hodel Website



Also, it just so happens to be Steve's birthday when this episode drops, so join me on twitter in wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! @steveHodelBDA ( Find me on twitter @diealoguepod

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