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Welcome back to our kick off cult episode - PART TWO. I spoke with a leading expert in the world of cults, Rick Alan Ross. Does his name sound familiar? He is often called up to speak about cults in the media and was most recently seen on HBO’s The Vow. In this episode you hear all about Rick's 14 year legal battle with Keith Raniere and NXIVM and just how dangerous a man he really is when a file on the organization kept on Rick was exposed. And wait until you hear what - or who (?) is keeping him up at night.

Rick Alan is the author of CULTS Inside Out, and wow, what a resource. It has just about every cult you can name and many you can’t inside, and also has a dedicated section to NXIVM - Rick Alan Ross is the forefront of what is happening with cults. He is also the founder and Executive Director of the Cult Education Institute.

I am grateful for his time, expertise and willingness to share his vast knowledge about cults with us. We touch on the history of cults, what makes a cult leader, the makings of a cult, and we get deep into Q anon and NXIVM - both modern day cult ( or at least extremist thinking for Q anon). This episode is timely and relevant as Rick predicts more people than ever will be susceptible to cults during this pandemic and in the age of (mis)information.

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