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CONTENT WARNING: This episode deals with topics of sexual abuse against minors.
As you prepare to gather with loved ones this holiday, think about how you might have some difficult, but very important conversations., particularly with the kids and teens in your life about online safety. Perhaps you're like me and you go back and forth between wanting to educate myself on this topic and, also wanting to stick my fingers in my ears and pretend it doesn't effect me or my family because the subject is so dark and so scary.
Luckily for all of us, today's guest, Roo Powell, is an expert in this area. Roo is a writer, an advocate, founder of a non-profit, SOSA (safe from sex abuse online) and the subject of the new limited series on Discovery Plus called "Undercover Underage."
We discuss how Roo transforms herself from a 38 year old mother of three to a teenage girl online, in hopes of obtaining useful information from online sex predators. She works closely with law enforcement and has a tight protocol to ensure that her team's work is useful should it be needed in court.
This show is fast paced and features her team who work tirelessly to aid law enforcement in their quest to get these predators offline (and in jail if needed), and her non-profit also consults with tech companies on ways to make their sites safer!
Our conversation covers a lot of ground and I think it will leave you feeling more hopeful than not.
You will learn so much on this one but you will also enjoy it because Roo is so great.
Share this with any guardians and parents you know so we can start having better conversations about inappropriate online behavior , apps to avoid and red flags.
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Learn more about the non -profit SOSA and in this time of giving, consider supporting their work!
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