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You might know my next guests podcast, SMALL TOWN DICKS. If you don't, you still might feel like you know of my hosts. What do I mean? Well, Yeardley Smith, one host and producer of Small Town Dicks podcast, is also the iconic voice of Lisa Simpson. She's a legend. What. DELIGHT to speak with her. And her co-hosts and co-producers, Detectives Dan and Dave? They are pretty stellar as well.

Small Town Dicks is a new favorite of mine and you will hear exactly why once you listen to this episode. Yeardley's love of and talent for storytelling shines through the great detective work that Dave and Dan share each week. They are often joined by other police officers who share the cases and stories that have stayed with them throughout their careers.

The four of us ( what a crowd!) talked podcasting, true crime, and how they all approached the national conversation around police reform this year. I got to find out what they are listening to and watching, and the cold cases they can't stop thinking about.

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