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My guests today need no introduction: Please welcome the Crawlspace Network Founders, Missing Maura Murray Creators, and fixtures of the true crime community: Tim Pilleri + Lance Reenstierna.
You might know a little about these two already, but you’re going to learn a lot. What is Lance reading these days, do the guys even watch true crime shows, was Tim’s Mom a murderino?!? I promise these two deliver as always in this laugh filled hour, but you will also learn they do so much more than you realize. They are content machines - but with heart. Check out their in house shows Missing Maura Murray, Empty Frames, pi-rational, Life Of, and more! Additionally, they host a portfolio of podcasts hosted by other creators ( some you will recognize as past DIE-ALOGUE guests) that you should also check out. AND, if you still have time in your schedule, check out their documentary Finding Maura Murray on Amazon Prime, and their Oxygen special, The Disappearance of Maura Murray.
I have to mention that these two are so passionate about missing person and cold cases, pretty much all that they do stems from a genuine desire to bring justice to families of victims. They both sit on the board of Private Investigations For the Missing — a non-profit created by Bruce Mailtlin.
Finally, Listen for the big announcement at the end of this episode to learn what’s new with DIE-ALOGUE! Thank you Tim and Lance for killing the small talk and making me laugh and part of the family.
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