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MERRY CHRISTMAS, DIE-HARDS! Making this podcast is such a gift to me, and I am grateful to each one of you who listens! We are continuing the conversation about the Netflix doc; 'The Confession Killer' Today you will get to hear a master story teller share more of his experience around the case of Henry Lee Lucas... Meet Vic Feazell - the DA who was featured in the recent Netflix Doc; 'The Confession Killer.' Vic truly emerges as the hero of the story and I was thrilled he wanted to be on the podcast. Buckle up - his stories are even wilder than what you saw in the film - and if you haven't watched The Confession Killer yet, what are you waiting for? Vic is more than a former DA though. He is a champion of justice and truth, a practicing attorney, a loving father, an ordained minister, a yogi and a podcaster! Check out the Vic Feazell Show where he dives deep into the cases connected to Henry Lee Lucas. Follow him on social: As always, if you liked this episode and enjoy this podcast, be sure to subscribe, and please rate + review on iTunes! Leaving a review for those who have yet to discover the show! DIE-ALOGUE is a Yellow Tape Inc. Production. Hosted by Rebekah Sebastian. Edited by Chris Gersbeck. Original theme music by Olivia Himes. Don't forget we are on Twitter, Instagram + FB now: @diealoguepod Use the hashtag #diealoguepod on social media!
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