48. How to Democratise People Analytics to Drive Agile Decision Making (Interview with Daniel West)


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My guest on this episode of the podcast is Daniel West. His 20 years of experience in HR Leadership roles at data-driven companies like Uber and Apple have taught him how analytics can drive business performance, improve customer outcomes and enrich employee experience and culture. Daniel is now the founder and CEO of Panalyt and the technology his firm provides is helping organisations bring together and democratise their people and business data and enrich it further with external and social capital data to drive decision-making.

In our conversation, Daniel and I take a deep dive into organisational network analysis and how social capital data can be linked to performance, engagement, sales and innovation. We also discuss:

  • The level of analytical skills required by HR professionals and what we can learn from our counterparts in Marketing
  • The impact of democratising data across business stakeholders and how this drives more agile decision making and improved business outcomes
  • The critical role of ethics and trust in People Analytics
  • A great example of how a Japanese company had to virtually onboard over 200 new starters due to the pandemic and used People Analytics to help that effort
  • What HR can do to prepare their organisation for an increase in remote and hybrid working

This episode is a must listen for anyone interested or involved in People Analytics, Employee Experience and Social Capital.

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