What is automation in Google Ads and how does automation impact your paid search strategy? With Anu Adegbola


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I remember using AdWords back in 2005. Paying pennies for all the traffic I desired.

And all I had to do was select a target keyword phrase, write a simple ad, and click publish.

But the sad thing is, 16 years later, thousands of marketers are still treating Google Ads in exactly the same way.

So what is best practice in Google Ads in 2021? How do you use scripts to automate your Google Ads? And how does this impact ad copy and the way it’s created?

Joining me to discuss that is a lady who’s spoken at SMX, The Marketing Meetup and HeroConf. She’s host of the PPCChat Roundup podcast and Freelance PPC Specialist at MindSwan - welcome to DMR, Anu Adegbola.

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