Phuket Cleanse - My Week at a Wellness Wonderland


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In this episode I cover my week at @PhuketCleanse a very special Wellness and Health Resort in Thailand. From some intense Shamanic Journeys, Somatic Body Movement therapy, Neuro-Light Pineal Gland Activating Therapy, Breathwork, Aztec Cacao Ceremonies, and Sound Baths to Infra-red saunas, ice baths, aerial yoga, acupuncture, juice cleanses, activities and SO MUCH MORE!

My time at this Wellness Wonderland was absolutely phenomenal and a multitude of healing, energetic and magical experiences occurred. Thank you Phuket Cleanse for the experience of a life time and to allow me as a digital marketer and content creator to travel the world and experience the wonder of it.

My aim for this platform is to not only inspire and educate others in digital entrepreneurship, but to also share about the holistic ‘inside’ work that goes behind being a tuned in, connected, thriving, and no bull**** individual and entrepreneur.

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