Stephanie Gilbert's Remote Life Journey - From Urban Outfitters to 6 Figure Social Media Agency


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This week I'm interviewing Stephanie Gilbert, CEO of Small Talk Social and Founder of CEO Yeah! We chat about her Remote Life Journey, and how she turned a passion for visual design as an employee at Urban Outfitters, to owning a 6 Figure Boutique Social Media Agency. In This Episode... • Stephanie’s Remote Life Journey from posting to the San Diego Urban Outfitters IG account as an employee in 2015, to making a 6 figure income with her Boutique Social Media Agency in 2018 • How Missing 2 Thanksgivings and 2 Christmases in Retail Lead Steph to Quit and Start her Location Freedom Journey • The Magic of Following Your Intuition • Channeling Business Ideas • Stephanie’s CEO Yeah! Retreats Where she Teaches Women to Build 6 Figure Social Media Agencies of Their Own and How You Can Build Yours!*** • Unlearning – There is no 1 Way to be an Entrepreneur • The Law of Attraction in Online Business • The Importance of Journaling when Manifesting and Setting Goals Connect With Stephanie Gilbert and Create Your 6 Figure Agency: Small Talk Social - Social Media Boutique Agency CEO Yeah! Retreats Stephanie Gilbert

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