David Kay, Executive Chairman at Liti Capital - Democratising Private Equity And Litigation Finance


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A well-known lawyer and investment banker, David Kay is the Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Liti Capital, a Swiss investment company that combines blockchain-based solutions, advanced data analytics and investigative capabilities to conduct litigation funding. David is considered one of the most successful and in-demand litigation finance strategists in the history of the 15-year-old litigation finance industry and he led one of the largest international arbitration award in history - bringing in more than one billion US dollars of cash and securities.
David Kay Interview Focus
​​1. An introduction from you - background, overview, education, career highlights?
2. Can you tell us about Litigation Finance?
3. How do you see the bridges between centralised legal finance and decentralised blockchain law finance and the bridges between and the challenges arisen?
4. What is Liti Capital - the company, the tokens, organisations and focus?
5. Why is Liti Capital creating a platform to defend, educate and create the legal litigation finance basis for the crypto community - B2B2C and fight Crypto Fraud worldwide?
6. Liti Capital offers private equity for everyone. Can you elaborate on that?
7. You created BinanceClaim as a way to support traders affected by the issues of exchanges like Binance. Can you explain how it works?
8. You created cryptowatchdog as a large platform for the crypto, DeFi world can you explain the vision and how will work?
9. You have an offer for both B2C - B2B can you explain the strategy how traders and institutions can work with Liti Cpaital?
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