Melanie Eusebe - Business Strategist, Co-Founder of the Black British Business Awards


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Melanie Eusebe is an award winning business strategist, working with clients to identify strategic priorities and initiatives for revenue generation and sustainable growth.
Fresh out of university, Melanie worked at Canada’s largest financial service institution, progressing quickly from Business Analyst to Manager of the Internet Channels. She moved to London and became a Big 4 Management Consultant and business advisor to aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as running strategic commercial initiatives and projects for global brands. In 2014, she launched The Black British Business Awards (#BBBAwards) – the largest awards programme of its kind, endorsed by Prime Minister May, the Mayor of London and esteemed business leaders.
Melanie Eusebe Interview Questions
1. An introduction from you - background, cultural background, overview, education…?
2. Can you tell us about your Education. You studied Philosophy, Political Science and French and the recipient of the Gordon Cressy Leadership Award. You moved to London to complete her Masters Degree in Philosophy from Birkbeck, University of London and you are now a professor of Leadership & Management, and Business Strategy.
3. How do you bridge between philosophy, education and the corporate world?
4. You kept a unique career that balances and works between teaching in universities and big corporations and Career highlights?
5. Can you tell us about your views on Leadership and management? Special in the light of your philosophy background?
6. Can you tell us about the Black British Business Awards organisations and focus?
7. What are the biggest challenges when it comes to diversity and management focus on the topics of the awards?
8. What are your views on data, our society, technology and digital transformations special in the light of your work on leadership, management, diversity?
9. You have been working between ideas, education, SMEs and corporations. Can you highlight some case study or experience you feel relevant from your experience?
10. With Covid-19 what ways do you envision to redesign our society with technology and social impact?
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