Episode 110 - Mel Aitken2020


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Kia Ora Whanau. This week on the podcast, Matt and Eugene have another returning champion on the show. Mel Aitken. There was a time last year when it seemed like every couple of weeks we’d be talking about what Mel had won or podiumed next. Dominant across roads and trails, Mel was the 2018 Oceania half marathon champion, represented New Zealand at the World Trail Running Champs, and has won the Queenstown Marathon and won her age group at the Gold Coast Marathon. But this feels like the episode of Seinfeld right? Mel was dominant….Yadda yadda yadda..Covid. We talk to Mel about her recent solo 6 hour (unofficial) record, how moving from the front lines of policing to being in charge of the police’s wellbeing has been a massive challenge, and how, despite our current global situation being what it is, Mel is happy and healthy and radiating wellbeing. And yes...Mel still has plenty of racing lined up this year, restrictions allowing. Amongst other musings, we have Stuff You Should Know, (but Eugene’s cool because it’s about a different Island), and a bunch of FKT and racing news. In a fit of bravado Matt and Eugene challenge each other, then Mel (did we?) to the Police Physical Competency Test. Stay tuned for that one...Enjoy

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