Episode 116 - A DCR Short Sprint


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Kia Ora Whanau. One of the things that people say to us a lot is that they listen to DCR on their long run, because our shows are … long. This week we're bringing you an episode that you can listen to on a run around the block. Anything in the creative space involves thinking on your feet (pardon, the pun) we’d planned on catching up with someone who has engaged in some amazing adventures over the years, and they were on an adventure when we spoke to them. Realising that the conditions for making good podcast were lacking and quickly rescheduling we were faced with either missing a week or banging out a bijou Dirt Church-ette. Considering that through all of 2020 we’ve missed one week we weren’t going to give up now! So here you are, a mini-DCR to tide you over until next week full of the Big’s Backyard results, news, Stuff You Should Know and an incredible Greatest Run Ever. Enjoy!

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