Episode 120 - Markus Torgeby


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Kia Ora Whanau. This week Matt sits down for a conversation with author and runner Markus Torgeby. Torgeby was 20 years old, a talented, and deeply unhappy runner when he decided to live in the the woods near the arctic circle, to hone down his life to what was important to him. Moving with the rhythm of seasons and his surroundings, Markus learnt to truly hear his body on his long daily runs. Markus spent four years living in the woods by himself in a tent and during that time found freedom, joy, pain, and fear. All of these emotions were ultimately beneficial to him as he learnt that he was only able to control his own self, and actions, and worrying about what he could not control was unhelpful. This sense of peace continues to inform Markus to this day and shapes the way that he continues to live, and how running fits into his life, and that of his family. Markus is an international best selling author of two books, “The Runner” and “Under the Open Skies”, and lives with his wife, Frida, and three children in Jamtland, Sweden. As per the regular we run down the week’s racing action, Stuff You Should Know, and a Greatest Run Ever which *completely co incidentally* references Swedish punk legends Refused. Enjoy.

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