Episode 122 - Kepler 2020 special ft Scotty Hawker and Fiona Love


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Kia Ora Whanau. The 2020 Kepler Challenge may not have been the race we wanted - what with the alternative course being in play for a second year on the trot - but it was certainly the race we needed. 2020 has been a challenge in itself. Challenge, heck, that’s a bit anodyne.. 2020 has been a hot mess - full of dread, anxiety, anger, the global spectre of narcissism being the new black and the endless grind of living within a world beset with a pandemic. For the organising committee and all that made it down were sure on a number of occasions this year that the event would not go ahead. But it did, and it was incredible, and we are forever thankful. Te Anau - a town that even before the pandemic stopped the town’s lifeblood of tourism, had been hit by flooding, certainly needed the support, and by gosh it was amazing to hang out for the weekend with 700 plus of your closest friends at what was essentially a mountain running summer camp, with pizza. We wanted to document the weekend in the best way we could, so here it is - the 2020 Kepler Challenge Special, including a breakdown of the weekend, results, some recording in the field, and our 2020 Kepler live show which featured Steve Norris, Scotty Hawker, and Fiona Love. Enjoy.

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