Episode 126 - Dr Tom Reynolds


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Kia Ora Whanau.We’re close to bursting with excitement about the plethora of amazing late summer racing coming up, and we know you are too. There are tonnes of you who have done the mahi over the months, investing time, energy, thought, and resources into it. You’ve dialled your training, dialled your gear and now it’s time for the traditional three-week-out-taper-madness-will-it-won’t-it-0300-fever-dream echo chamber of the big ultra group chat on social media...The place where we fall over ourselves with second guessing, last minute oopsies, and the generalised dread of anticipation... Nutrition? Analgesia? Gear? WEATHER? So much stuff to worry about, right? FEAR NOT, listener. We have just the sauce for you. Very literally, the doctor is in: Dr Tom Reynolds to be precise. Tom is no slouch in the endurance realm, having represented New Zealand six times at the orienteering world championships (as a junior and elite), former age group XC mountain bike champion, elite adventure racer, trail and ultramarathon runner. He has a wealth of experience providing acute medical support in numerous events and is the Medical Director of Tarawera Ultramarathon. Eugene had the pleasure of speaking to Tom for a story that he wrote about the death of an ultramarathon athlete and came away talking about the five key points that Tom shared with him to enhance our wellbeing and reduce the chances of anything going awry on the trails. Tom has generously shared his time with us (before a night shift as well - legend!) going through his five top tips, discussing his love of events and competition, and how we can enjoy ourselves before, during, and after our events. As per, we’ve got a Greatest Run Ever and Stuff You Should Know where we run down The Revenant and Ian Evans’ mighty push to the finish of that awesome event. Enjoy.

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