Episode 127 - Ian Evans


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Kia Ora Whanau. Ian Evans loves games, literally any type of game - Monopoly, Cluedo, football, croquet, The Revenant. One of these things is not like the others, right? Not the way Ian approaches it. This week Matt and Eugene have the distinct pleasure of speaking to Ian Evans about his love of the mountains, process, play and his refreshing approach to training. Ian, who has a background in outdoor education and sports physiology, moved to Wanaka four years ago after spending years abroad from his native Birmingham. Ian had planned to just swing through on his plan to spend a 12 month working holiday in Aotearoa however was instantly captivated by the scenery and scene of the famous Otago town. Accompanied by his partner, Jane, and their dog, Poppy, Ian recently was the only finisher at the 190km Mountain Odyssey that is The Revenant. We talk about this, his strong showing at the Riverhead Backyard Relaps, impending parenthood, priorities, and sleep deprivation on this week's episode. As ever we have all the results you need, Stuff You Should Know and a very virtual Greatest Run Ever. Enjoy.

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