Episode 128 - Brooke Thomas


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Kia Ora Whanau. Falling behind the schedule that she’d set for herself, suffering the effects of low iron, arguing with her support crew who were imploring her to stop and seek medical attention Brooke Thomas lost control during her Te Araroa attempt. Or rather, she gave up control, attended to what she could attend to, and focussed on enjoying the process and journey. In doing so, Brooke collected a lifetime of amazing experiences, new friendships, and found depths of strength that even the former competitive rower and Registered Nurse didn’t know she had. In giving up control, Brooke touched people across the country, as she was raising money for Heart Kids Aotearoa. Brooke raised $22,000 at last count, which is no small feat. In giving up control and enjoying the process, Brooke also set a new supported FKT of 57 days, 12 hours 16 minutes, but as you’ll hear her say again and again during this wonderful conversation, this was almost incidental to the experience. In addition to this grand discussion,Eugene and Matt run down the week’s events, Greatest Run Ever, Stuff You Should Know and a truly remarkable achievement by Leo, a member of the Speed Freaks Running Club. Enjoy.

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