Episode 129 - Andrew Robinson


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Kia Ora Whanau.Andrew Robinson stood looking at the sign halfway between Mangatepōpō road and Soda Springs which encourages travellers to complete the Northern Circuit if the sky is blue and clear and to turn back if the path is shrouded in cloud. Knowing that he and his team had gambled with the weather on their first day Robinson stood contemplating whether to continue or not in his quest to be the first person to complete the 10 great walks of New Zealand in 10 days. Initially wanting to make the circuit, commonsense won out and the team turned back have been set against the teeth of the storm for some time. Resigning himself to having been stopped at the first hurdle by the ele ents, Andrew and his crew set off to kayak the Whanganui river, disappointed, but vowing to get as much done as they possibly could. It was a little into the 93km first day that Andrew came up with a plan to get this epic endeavour back on track. This plan involved Jean Beaumount, An Audi, Vegan pies from the BP in Taihape, and a whole lot of hustling. Eugene and Matt talk with Andrew about his First Known Time on New Zealand’s Great Walks, Tough Mudders, Even Tougher Mudders, Eddie Vedder (not that one), and how far you can bend someone’s offer of “a smoothie and a shower” all on this week’s Dirt Church Radio. Enjoy.

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