Episode 132 - Covid grab bag ft Jason Cameron and Katie Wright


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Kia Ora Whanau. Lockdown Larries ride again!!! Back once again, just where you left us. Dismayed as we were that our holidays were interpreted by the squawking of our cell phones instructing us to take our toys and go home, and that we needed to re-jiggle things to fit this week’s lockdownapalooza we remain unbowed and ever-optimistic (sort of). This week, we discuss the raft of changes that the current restrictions are having on the event industry, people’s wellbeing, and planning for the future. We’ve got a Greatest Run Ever, and a special Stuff You Should Know where we run through the recent race results and also catch up with some very special guests. Fresh from a tiring weekend blowing people’s minds (and quads) is Jason Cameron, Race Director of legendary event The Goat. We talk to him about the event’s history, and challenges, and the triumph of completing an event mere hours before lockdown was announced. Dr Katie Wright, joins us on her birthday from the Cardrona pub after 4 days spent fast packing The Wild adventure run course. We chat to Katie about her recent Tarawera victory, the 48 hour track event she and Fiona Hayvice are planning, and just how come it appears that two weeks after winning Tarawera she can run downhill that fast. Enjoy.

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