Episode 140 - Fran McEwen


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Kia Ora Whānau.This week on the podcast Eugene and Matt have a conversation with the indefatigable Fran McEwen. Where to start with Fran? She’s someone who gets things done. She’s an ultramarathon runner, but if you’d said that to her teenage self, she’d have laughed at you. After a self-described idyllic kiwi childhood in Lower Hutt, she experienced what many teenagers did, drifted away from school, activity, and home life. But she found her way back, and she not only lives out what she would once never have dreamed of, she helps others achieve that too, especially young women. She’s the founder of the Shift Foundation, a globally-recognised organisation dedicated to helping young women, she works at Sport NZ in the Active Recreative team, and she’s a Blake Leader and an inspiration to many. Like Eugene, Fran loves XC racing, and just about any form of running you could mention. As for trail runs, amongst others, Fran has run the Old Ghost Road and the underwhelmingly named Oman Desert Marathon. In addition to this wonderful conversation we have the results of the great slew of racing that happened in the weekend, We discuss Glenn Sutton’s incredible new adventure for Hospice NZ , the 100 mile records fall, we have hope for our US trail friends, and an incredible Greatest Run Ever. Enjoy.

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