Dirtybird Radio 315 - Muff Jefferson + New Music Preview


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The heartbeat of Dirtybird Records is most definitely the fans and there isn't much that makes that heart beat faster than the Dirtybird Campout DJ Contest. On this episode of Dirtybird Radio, we'll be listening to Muff Jefferson's winning mix that earned him a spot at Dirtybird Campout this year. In the second half of the program, our host Victoria Rawlins delivers a special treat as she plays a handful of unreleased and forthcoming tracks from some of her favorites including Cour T., Nikki Nair, Nala, Catz 'N Dogz and Dillon Marinez. Tune in to hear what's coming from some of these star Dirtybird players before anyone else.
Muff Jefferson - "Dolemite" (unreleased)
Qubiko - "Mono Tono"
DSF - "Hugs Around (Roy Rosenfeld Remix)"
James Kininmonth, Ryan Tabuman, Tony Dee - "Siesta (Tony Dee Remix)"
ANATTA - "People Party"
Joey London Style - "London"
RZ - "Dark Places"
David Pher, Lubelski - "Dip Into A Dream (David Pher Remix)"
Hustike, Douth! - "Breakneck Sugar ft. Hustike"
JTJ, Sacha Robotti - "Play A Game"
Kyle Watson - "Pop Up"
Nikki Nair - "Yoland And His Tortoise" (forthcoming, Lobster Theremin)
Cour T. - "White Wind Hoodie" (forthcoming, Dirtybird Records)
Victoria Rawlins - "Don't Call Me Back" (unreleased)
Baby Weight - "Donatella" (forthcoming, My Techno Weighs A Ton)
Catz 'N Dogz & Nala - "Me Me Me" (unreleased)
ZOF - "Hello" (forthcoming, Box Of Cats)
Nala & Nikki Nair - "Escape" (unreleased)
Dillon Marinez - "No Pressure" (Forthcoming, Dirtybird Records)

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