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PR (Public Relations) is, for many of us in business, a black box, a dark art of achieving editorial over advertorial, of earned vs paid, of authenticity vs concoction; or as some call it, "SPIN". Lahra Carey is an ex-ABC journalist who was one of the forerunners in crossing over from media to media advisory. Her networks are significant, her entrepreneurial curiosity unbounded, and her depth of knowledge on both creating good PR, and dealing with crisis management is world-class. This interview contains abundant, critical, insights and you won’t be disappointed with our deep dive into company values, storytelling, the value that PR can add to company boards, messaging for crisis management, editorial relations and more. If you don’t get value from listing to Lahra’s first-hand knowledge of how to communicate as a business, and inspiration from her own entrepreneurial journey - then I would suggest that you are probably not awake! Enjoy our discussion.

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