Episode 53 - Paris Hilton, Carter Reum, and Jen Shah the Shah Shocker (with Ryan Bailey) FREE EPISODE!


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Friend of the pod and host of So Bad It's Good, Ryan Bailey is back on the show!
Dana and Ryan discuss Paris Hilton's new show Paris in Love... Carter Reum's past and family money... Paris and Carter's wedding and its attendees...
Travis Scott's Astroworld... The Kardashian's statements...
A quick pivot to the Sex in the City reboot... Possible storylines and a spoiler!
Teddi Mellencamp's private DMs and what she possibly leaked to Page Six... PK's C You Next Tuesday list...
Carter Reum's secret child... How did it come to light? What is their relationship like?
How will this change Paris in Love?
Joe Francis' connection to both Paris and Carter... Is this the only child Carter Reum has?
Dana Wilkey on the next installment of ABC's Housewife and the Shah Shocker... Some behind the scenes secrets and more! It will be available to stream Nov. 29 on Hulu.
Jen Shah's DM to Dana... What does Jen think of the new ABC special? Stuart Smith changing his plea?
Real Housewives of Salt Lake City's green snakeskin clutch... Did the potential retail theft, Murilo Bueno, work for Heather Gay in the past?
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