109 – Cinderella


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The time of hastily-assembled package movies is over – and now film journalist Ben Travis and animation academic Sam Summers begin the unofficially-titled Bangers Era™ of the Walt Disney Animation Studios catalogue, with 1950’s Cinderella. It’s a new era, a new decade, and a renewed sense of confidence and quality for the studio, which starts with Disney refining the princess fairytale archetype it originated way back in Snow White. Join us as we venture to the ball, talking bibbidi-bobiddi-bangers, Walt’s favourite ever piece of Disney animation, and the truly insane Nolan-esque timelines established in the straight-to-video sequels. Next up: Alice In Wonderland Disniversity is brought to you by Ben Travis (@benstravis) and Sam Summers (@samsummers0), with art by Olly Gibbs and music by Nafets. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @disniversity. This podcast is not affiliated with Disney. — Welcome to Disniversity, the podcast crash course through the history of Disney’s animated classics, with film journalist Ben Travis and animation academic Dr. Sam Summers. Each week, we’ll be moving forward in time through the legendary Walt Disney Animation Studios catalogue, watching every feature film in chronological order – from Snow White to Raya And The Last Dragon. Watch along with us, and listen as we explore each film’s historical context, advances in animation and lasting legacy, and talk about how they stand up today.

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