Episode 26 - Talking with Landscape Industry Veteran Barry Elder


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Barry Elder joins Jonathan Goldhill in this episode of the Disruptive Successor. Barry shares his insights about the Green industry, also known as landscaping, where he started at the age of 20 and fast forward to the point where he’s now hailed as a veteran working in landscape construction, distribution, and manufacturing.

Barry Elder is the Director of Distribution of Weathermatic - California who carries more than 30 years of experience in the Green Industry, also known as landscaping, and specializes in Landscape Construction, Distribution, and Manufacturing.

With an extensive experience as a public speaker, Barry is known for his tenacious and proactive sales techniques and marketing efforts to make sure he gives full awareness of his current offerings to prospective customers that touch base with their values, tools, and long term advantages. Having graduated from Dale Carnegie Training, he continues to exude his passion for marketing, sales, coaching, and building long term business relationships by thriving as a solution provider to his customers, co-workers, and employees. That being said, he’s been a long-time industry Association Member at numerous levels from Board Member to MC of State and Local Events.

In 2017, Barry was recognized as the recipient of the most coveted Hunter Trailblazer Award that annually honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the irrigation industry.

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