Episode 36 - Business Succession & Planning with Dr. Jeremy S. Lurey, Ph.D.


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03:35 Stage 1 of succession planning: Initial Planning

06:11 Stage 2: Leadership coaching of the next generation

09:11 Stage 3: Transition planning

11:38 Stage 4: Post-transition

14:09 Stage 5: Purchase and sale

16:28 Common challenges and letting the next generation take on bigger roles

24:36 Realizing when it's better to sell than transition

27:37 Disruptors: Innovation in product and leadership

36:01 Be kind to creating better results in Covid conditions

41:03 Connect with Jeremy


11:18 "On one end of the spectrum, folks won't let go because they don't think anyone can do it. On the other hand, they let go and say, Jonathan, why haven't you figured this out yet?"

17:28 "Part of the challenge is just helping that leader in transition come to terms with what's happening and then sharing a process."

19:31 "How do we drive innovation through this process? Not how do we repeat the past."

21:23 "Until you really step up as business partners and thought leaders and drive strategy for the company, it's really easy for you to think of you as the kids or the not-quite-good-enoughs to run the company."

34:42 "What do we want to continue doing? We're already getting positive results. What do we want to start doing now that we have that foundation and success. What do we want to stop doing?"

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