4 Millionaires Debate The Meaning of Life & Entrepreneurship


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Join Rob, Shaa Wasmund, Phil Graham, and Jay Alderton as they discuss the big questions in life and entrepreneurship. An episode full of wisdom, heated discussion and a bit of philosophy too!


  • Anyone who has become a millionaire has done so with support and help. The definition of self-made can be argued as no one ever truly does anything alone.
  • People see the end result of a lot of the work from entrepreneurs. But it’s like an iceberg, they don’t recognise or even realise the amount of work that has happened to get to that point.
  • Entrepreneurship is still male dominated. This is changing but not fast enough. We need to offer as many opportunities as we can to encourage, inspire and motivate women to become entrepreneurs and be visible too.
  • The number one reason you don’t see more women in entrepreneurship and business is because of childcare.
  • When scaling, don’t worry about those who leave. It’s not rejection or a reflection on you, it’s just business.
  • People aren’t talking about the tax impact of the cost of living crisis. Corporation tax has had a 40% increase and for high earners income tax is one of their biggest expenses too. What impact will it have on the economy if high earners then want to leave the UK because of this high tax?


“You can’t say I am happy in life, you can only say I’m happy in the moment”

“There shouldn’t be a badge of honour for being self-made”

“Less than 2% of all VC businesses are funded by women”

“When you grow and scale there is more responsibilities and there is more risk but there is also more reward”

“The cost of living crisis affects everybody”






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“If you don't risk anything, you risk everything”


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