Hyliion Holdings (NYSE:HYLN); Conversation w/CEO Thomas Healy


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  • Welcome to Distilling Venture Capital. I am your host, Bill Griesinger

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Episode Introduction:

  • Welcome back everyone.
  • In today’s Episode, I have the pleasure to be joined by Thomas Healy, Founder & CEO of Hyliion, creator and maker of high-tech drivetrain for traditional Class 8 long haul trucks powered by lithium-ion batteries and CNG
  • Thank you Thomas for making the time to join me today…
  • First, congratulations on your public launch via the SPAC – Special Purpose Acq. Corp. which was official as of Sept. 28th.
  • It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were getting introduced to Hyliion at the 2015 Rice Business Plan Competition – when you guys rolled into Houston – literally – from Carnegie Mellon with the big green Hyliion-branded truck…it was quite a prop!

In This Episode, Thomas Healy Covers Hyliion’s Journey to its Public Offering, Including:

  • Background on the formation/launch of Hyliion
    • Development of the “e-axle” electrified axle design; Lithium-ion/CNG design
    • Went public couple of weeks ago –
    • Came to Rice Bus. Plan Competition in 2015 – presented to over 500 people
    • Brought prototype – goal of bringing electrification to the trucking space – virtually untapped market opportunity
    • Semi-truck traffic is the backbone for moving cargo around the US and the globe
    • Why did you choose a SPAC as avenue for going public? Advantages, etc…
    • Looked at all paths of private and going public
    • Chose the SPAC path – a reverse merger into being a public co.
    • Merged with Tortoise Acquisition Corp.
    • Capital we brought in – Little over $500M
    • Saw a great team in Tortoise in terms of similarities in outlook and key industry needs and characteristics
    • Tortoise raised $235M over year ago – they pitched to their investors that they would go find a co. like Hyliion.
    • Their group looked at 100s of companies before selecting Hyliion – Tortoise is a big energy expertise player and particularly sustainable/efficiency drive
    • Story behind the Hyliion name?
  • Business Model & Business Model Characteristics
    • Producing a fully electric truck – using an onboard natural gas generator to produce electricity and charge the battery
    • Leverages Mega-trend toward renewable natural gas, as well
    • Created very capital efficient business model – Hyliion is a powertrain co. working with existing OEMs like Volvo, Freightliner, Kenworth
    • No need to reinvent the whole truck – solution and benefit is in the powertrain, leveraging great existing truck technology
    • Infrastructure to recharge vehicles is one of the biggest hurdles and uses of capital to enter the market
    • Our solution uses renewable and traditional natural gas to recharge the batteries
    • Existing grid there – but hardly any recharging stations for electric trucks – so have to create the infrastructure, requiring billions of investor capital – just to set up the charging stations
    • Two of the Tesla “Mega Chargers” actually uses massive amount of power to recharge trucks
    • Go-to-Market Strategy…Incorporated design into the drivetrain of existing Class 8, long-haul truck
    • Value of CNG and Lith.-ion combo
    • Advantage of existing CNG fueling infrastructure around the US – big competitive advantage
    • Discusses advantages over hydrogen as a fuel source
    • How Hyliion defines your Addressable Market?
    • Key Partner/Investor network (Sumitomo, Dana, Inc. – leading force in trucking industry – valuable partner on supply chain and also mfg.
    • Product is already shipped in low volume today: Selected use-case partner/pilot examples; (Penske, Ryder, Wegmann, other trucking industry pilots & partnerships)
    • Importance of your Partners and related network in delivering the offering;
  • Capital Required to Grow? – It was announced you netted approx. > $500MM from the public offering via Tortoise Acq. Corp. –
  • Fully-funded plan with that capital – Capital to move tech to commercialization, volume manufacturing and production and scale the business.
  • Our capital efficient, capital light approach is leveraged via Dana, Inc. for our outsource manufacturer; we don’t have to find or build a facility – great mfg. partner
  • Dana, Inc. already a leader in producing product for trucking industry
  • Discuss how you execute and get to breakeven and profitable on this capital?
  • Competitive differentiation – Fleets care about cost savings. Goal/bus. model is moving cargo from point A to B in most cost-effective manner possible to increase their margins.
  • Hyliion is less expensive than diesel, certainly cheaper than hydrogen and significantly cheaper than building a completely new electric truck and the recharging infrastructure.
  • So, Hyliion has a solution now that saves the trucking industry money and is environmentally friendly.

Competitive Advantages

  • Discussion competitive landscape, relative cost/pricing structure and how you leverage your expertise to bring a compelling value proposition
  • Other competitive advantages, differentiation…

View of Addressable Market

  • Plans for International Expansion – Hyliion is a North American Co. for now right now with product already in Canada in addition to US traction.

Closing Remarks:Thomas, thank you very much for joining me today…

Contact Information, Hyliion

  • Thomas, how can those seeking additional information and wishing to learn more about Hyliion contact you or the firm? [I guess referring listeners to the ticker, HYLN, would be best start, right?] I’m typically interviewing companies that have not gone public yet – so this is new
  • Website: hyliion.com

Thank you for joining me for this edition of DVC. I hope you found today’s discussion with Thomas Healy and Hyliion interesting and it gave you some things to think about regarding developments in long-haul truck technologies. Stay tuned for my next Episode.

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