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Are you a student or new graduate early on your career journey? A bit stressed trying to work out your next steps? You're in the right place. Hosted by qualified careers guidance professional Gina Visram, The Dive into your Career podcast is the hub for all things "early careers" and is created with secondary (high) school and university (college) students in mind. Gina's supports students and new graduates on their journey from education to employment in a spirit of fun and optimism not hear and overwhelm. Want to write a powerful CV and cover letter? Keen to understand why networking is important and the best ways to do it? Curious about how your application can stand out in the graduate or apprenticeship recruitment process? Ready to know more about what employers are looking for in candidates? Interested in learning about what you can do now to be an appealing candidate in the present and future? Keen to start your career on solid financial footing? Stay tuned for solo and interview episodes which answer the questions you are asking, as a determined and driven person in the early days of your career development. Welcome to the Dive into your Career podcast.

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