Linking Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to Corporate Social Responsibility: Building a Holistic Approach to DEI with Aurélie Uricher, Global D&I Manager at L’Occitane Group


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#005 For our 5th and final interview of the “On the Job” season, we are very pleased to welcome Aurélie Uricher, as she completes her first year as Global D&I Manager at L’Occitane Group, a global manufacturer and retailer of natural cosmetics and well-being products.

This was an exciting first year on the job for Aurélie, as, with her nomination, L’Occitane is just getting started with their DEI journey. The Group is rolling out its Global Inclusive Parental Leave Policy, gender equity in senior management is reaching new levels, and Aurélie collaborated with teams across the company to co-construct and kick-off L’Occitane’s very first Global DEI Survey. Before stepping in to her DEI role, Aurélie Uricher had worked in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and HR departments of L’Occitane. She tells us how this path has shaped her vision for a holistic approach to DEI, linking the group’s social impact strategy to diversity, equity and inclusion. Seeing DEI through not only an HR, but also a CSR lens, requires working with all stakeholders up and down the value chain and supply chain, as well as keeping consumers in mind in order to offer inclusive products.

Finally, Aurélie tells us about the big challenges that you face when you’re just getting started, but also the big steps that are already being taken, as well as the journey that she looks forward to in order to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace.

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Do not hesitate to follow Aurélie Uricher on LinkedIn to continue following her journey as a DEI leader. To learn more about L’Occitane’s DEI strategy, take a look at their 2021 ESG report.

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