Setting-Up and Rolling-Out a Ten-Year Diversity & Inclusion Strategy with Heidi Robertson, Group Head of D&I at ABB


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#003 Today, we’re extremely pleased to welcome Heidi Robertson, Group Head of D&I at ABB, a leading Global 500 technology company driving digital transformation through industrial automation, robotics and electrification.
As a matter of fact, 2021 was an important year for DEI at ABB : it marked the first year of rolling out their 2030 D&I Strategy. And so we take a deep dive with Heidi as she takes us on a pragmatic step-by-step tour of how to set up and roll-out a 10-year D&I strategy.
From stakeholder management in setting up the strategy, to measuring progress and ensuring accountability and ownership for reaching the newly-set goals, we discuss how to meet global goals while promoting local and grassroot initiatives.
Honesty and transparency about the progress already been made and the journey that remains are two of the key criteria that Heidi shares with us for an efficient and reliable strategy.
On a more personal level, we talk about the concept of privilege and the sense of duty that comes with it.
When we asked Heidi what the hardest part of the job was for her, she answered: “being patient: there is no quick fix or fast solutions in DEI”. Luckily for Heidi, reaching 2030 goals starts with taking action today!

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