Enigma Tribute Mix / IX. VIII. MMXIX a.D.


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Hear THIS!!! The third & final Tribute Mix to one of my absolute favourite electronic music groups /genres. Enigma, the German-produced project with Michael Cretu at the helm, first launched their unique new age ambient sound into this world with the groundbreaking "Sadeness Part I" way back in November 1990. With XX (10) singles from VII (7) studio albums, here's my 2-hour Enigmatic trip down sensory lane...including every single released, but chronologically reversed, to take you right back to where the journey began! Enjoy. I. Turn Around (Northern Lights Club Mix) II. Amen (White Motive Remix) III. Sadeness (Part II) (Album Version) IV. Goodbye Milky Way (Extended Version) V. Hello and Welcome (Album Version) VI. Boum-Boum (Chicane Club Edit) VII. Following the Sun (Jean Alpohin Mix) VIII. Voyageur (Club Mix) IX. Push the Limits (ATB Remix) X. Gravity of Love (Judgement Day Club Mix) XI. TNT for the Brain (Ferdinand Diaz In Catharsis Remix) XII. Beyond the Invisible (Album Version) XIII. Out from the Deep (Album Version) XIV. Age of Loneliness (Enigmatic Club Mix) XV. The Eyes of Truth (The Götterdämmerung Mix) XVI. Return to Innocence (Extended World Mix) XVII. The Rivers of Belief (The Returning Silence Mix) XVIII. Principles of Lust (Everlasting Lust Mix) XIX. Mea Culpa (Ferdinand Diaz Remix) XX. Sadeness (Part I) (Full Version)

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