Episode 14: Episode 14: The Damage of Inner Dialogue


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Playfully taking your wellbeing seriously, I touch on the topic of Inner Dialogue and it's ramifications on your over all wellbeing in Health, Wealth, and Love in Relationships.
I share where does your inner dialogue come from.
Birth Trauma-How you are conceived and enter into this world
Environmnent you were raised up in
Family and Friend
TV, Media, Entertainment, Social Media etc...
How do they negatively impact your wellbeing.
Self Limiting Beliefs
Fears and Resistance to being yourself
Victim Mentally and Fixed Mindset
How to Master your Inner Dialogue.
Awareness of how others speak of themselves and their circumstances
Awareness of how you speak of yourself and your circumstances
Affirmations and Reframing your inner voice and dialogue
Release yourself from negativity
This is a huge topic and it openned up so much room to explore into it's depth of suffering it creates and/or how much our inner dialogue feeds our suffering.
Let's change that and make a real contribution to the eradication of chronic degenerative diseases as part of your human experience.
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Thanks again for listening and sharing.
Power and Grace, Dan

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