Episode 17: Episode 17: Time, Money, and Personal Energy


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Hello to Those of you seeking to playing the game of life and love to win! If you play to win your increase your chances of life success - in how you define success outside of your typical programming from culture, society and family.
In this podcast I share the idea that Mark Joyner, founder of Simpleology - see link below- taught me and that is the three pratical areas of your life you can powerfully leverage for life and love success.
Time - Mange your time
Money - Manage your money
Personal Energy - Manage your energy
Management is the key word! You have great control over how you spend your time, money and personal energy and receive a return on that investment.
The three other ideas that help you with managing and investing your time, money and personal energy are awareness, power of choice and finally acction.
Therefore, it is my hope and intention that you start today to investing your time, money and personal energy with greater awareness, power of choice and consistent daily actions that will create the life and love you deeply yearn for that will improve the quality of your life in health, wealth and love in relationships.
For more information check out:
Simpleology https://simpleology.com/
My website: https://www.danhegerich.com/
My contact for personal or group coaching, comments, and concerns: https://www.danhegerich.com/contact-dan
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