Episode 19: Episode 19: To Be Present or To Be Presence


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In this is episode I drop in to the present moment to share and open up a discussion what is it to be present vs. what is it to be presence. In this past week, during time with myself in solitude and self-reflection, I came to this important inquiry around being present and being presence.
To Be Present or To Be Presence that is the Question
I then sprinkle in one of my major frameworks for living in the 7 Elements of Healing
Earth, Water, Air,Mind, Love and Rest
And put a spot light on Love as it relates to Being Present and Being Presence
It might all be consider adolesent Sage wisdom and certainly can be expanded on as I grow, and evelove by putting into practice my own philosophy for health, lfe and love.
It is my hope that you can sift through this podcast and find a golden nugget or a pearl that will add much value to your own journey towards who you really are and how to navigate the journey with being present with presence.
Power and Grace,

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