Episode 22: Episode 22: Two Pathways to Happiness


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I have come to learn recently that there are two main pathways to happiness - The Hedonic Pathway chasing pleasure and enjoyment while avoiding pain and the Eudaimonic Pathway seeking purpose and meaning through living with virtue.
In this episode I attempt to speak to your pain recognizing that you feel trapped in the Hedonic pathway which is causing you suffering in chronic illness, chronic pain, emotional madness, and perhaps caught in a spiritual crisis of identity.
The Hedonic Pathway to happiness is fleeting never truly satisfying our Soul. Therefore, pleasure leads to addiction and pain leads to aversion. If you maintain an identity within this pathway then happiness is only found in the people, places and things of this world. Something outside of you makes you happy. You are essentially needing immediate gratification as your 'source' of happiness. Eventually you will feel empty "masturbating with life" and look to fill that emptiness with more Hedonic pleasure thinking more will silence the empty feeling. It doesn't and you don't feel more happiness inside. You have "sold your soul to the devil"
It also speaks loudly to the Lord's Prayer Our Father - where it ends with "...and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. Amen."
The Eudaimonic Pathway to happiness is eternal because it satisfies the Soul within. It establishes a connection to the source of life and the source of love within oneself. It is not necessarily free from fears or pain, yet it is freedom from suffering as you navigate within yourself, cultivating your true heart to transcend the suffering.
Both pathways express the Eastern Philosophy of Karma ~ " What you sow you reap."
In Daniel Goldstein's 2011 Ted Talk "The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self" He quotes N.W. Senior as saying "To Obstain from the enjoyment which is in our power, or seek distant rather than immediate results, are among the most painful exertions of the human will."
And so living with virtue means cultivating and practicing virtues of Self Mastery, Wisdom, Courage, Love, Hope, Gratitude, Curiosity and Zest. Through which one 'makes love to life' and fill their life with purpose and meaning.
To Be and Become the Change in the world you want to see in the world is another quote from Gandhi that hits the Eudaimonic Happiness Pathway bullseye.
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